"Hello New Neighbor!"
A Direct Mail Co-op Envelope Mailing Program


A few words about us:

Timson Edwards, Co., and the “Hello New Neighbor!” direct mail co-op (shared mailer) coupon program provides the new to town neighbor with the best of their area’s local business offerings. These offerings are for their immediate needs as they settle into their new home and new neighborhood.

As anyone might expect, every recipient appreciates our sponsor merchant’s generosity as they open their envelope and discover the goods and services available to them for such reasonable prices.


Put yourself in a new mover's shoes; what kind of discount, promotion or compelling offers would get you to visit your store? What do you expect from a local merchant, what would make you spend money in their store?


Summary of Features & Benefits:


Our envelope delivery – not too soon and not too late:

We don’t send our envelopes out too soon — at a time when families are in they’re settling in mode. We have found that the best time is usually a few months after they've moved into their new home. When the moving dust settles, they are more willing to take the time to review their options for new and lasting vendor and local resource relationships.


Addresses are personalized by name:

All of our “Hello New Neighbor!” co-op coupon envelope are addressed to each and every new homeowner personally. We will never use deceptive gimmicks or generic labels such as “New Resident” or “Occupant” headings for the addressee.


Available merchant category exclusivity:

Our annual Sponsors are guaranteed they will be the only one of their business category in our co-op coupon envelope once they sign a one-year commitment and we receive their three-month deposit with their artwork when presented. We are easy to do business with and our program is affordable.


The spirit of community:

Our co-op coupon envelope’s content represents the spirit of the community, rather than a single solicitous business type mailing; which would be perceived as “advertising”. Our envelope places focus on the mover and their newcomer status, congratulating and welcoming them, rather than sending a business solicitation. They will eventually get from the other mailers.


Our envelope and coupons are huge:
We use large #14 (5X11 inch) envelopes that will not get lost. Our size is unique and no other service can match it. We use color effectively and sparingly, never harsh and always pleasant. Color helps to sell and we aim to help our small business owners sell their goods and services.

Genuine coupons or certificates – our small business owners decide:

We always print high-quality coupon artwork or gift certificate styled templates that include your offer and designed exclusively for “Hello New Neighbor!” clients. Our clients like this option; it ensures that the offer will not be misunderstood as an ordinary discount if the certificate option is chosen for your artwork. As a client, you will always have a choice to include your offer in our co-op coupon mailer.


Target marketing – to your surrounding neighborhood:

You choose the area zip codes that make the most sense. We will eventually grow to cover most Zip codes in the Jacksonville greater Metropolitan area. As we add new operator, our annual sponsors have the first right of refusal for the different market areas. If your services include county wide availability, we can assist you in getting your message to the local newcomer.


Follow up list:

As an annual sponsorship in the “Hello New Neighbor!” program, Timson Edwards, Co., will provide our annual relationship clients with a list of all the residents that received your offer in the last quarter’s mailing. It is our pleasure to ensure your follow up campaign’s success and to be a part of your customer relations management program.


Affordable promotions:
The dedication and commitment we make to the success of the local business operators in our community emphasizes the need to maintain a level of affordability. We are a small business as well and we know how to stretch our dollars.

Take the time to discover for yourself how our “Hello new Neighbor!” program can work for you. Contact me personally to review your needs and we’ll suggest a program level that will fit your budget and help you deliver your offer's message continuously and affordably.

Call us at 904.705.6806 today to learn more about our local co-op coupon mailing program that reaches new residences to the Jacksonville area. If however you are located in another city we will have local dealers on line soon. We are the only program that permits exclusive categories for our clients. We provide the artwork you get the customer. Call us before your competitor does, you'll be glad you did!


As part of our growth model, we will begin offering aspiring business owners the opportunity to own their own territories. Our fees will be affordable and if you feel that you might be interested in this opportunity, please call us to learn more or fill out a request form.

Click here to fill out our online request form.



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